The system consists of 4 major sub-assemblies:

There are 2 load carrying Side-rails. Each rail consists of a standard aluminum rectangular tube.
There are 2 goalposts: one at the bottom of the steps and one at the top of the steps.

The goalposts are U-configured and maintain a fixed position/proper parallel spacing between the parallel Side-rails once assembled. The lower goalpost incorporates the use of adjusting legs to accommodate variable installation conditions.

The Platform

Which consists of a body, 3 section top plate, bottom plate, front, back and side plates. The platform holds the power winch, the battery, and electrical box.

The Ramp

An 18 inch permanently installed ramp provides the means for the wheelchair to access the platform which is 4 inches above the floor level. The loading ramp is securely fastened to the front and of the platform.

Safety & Ease-of-Access Features

The system provides full access to the stairwell at all times.

The winch will not start unless the wheel chocks are up in position and the low battery light is off. The front bumper is equipped with a sensor and will immediately stop if something is in its way.

Dual Cable Drive

The platform is powered by a dual cable drive (each of which is capable of providing full power) and which provides an extra degree of safety in case of some unforeseen cable break.

User Control Box

The passenger safety rail is equipped with an on/ off up/down switches and a red light to indicate low battery power.